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January    LukasRose Goes Country      2017

When a local Classic Country Band needed a guitar player for 5 gigs all around Labor Day 2016, I took the opportunity to learn all I could about Classic Country guitar. Four months later, Rose and I hooked up with two Country players and formed The LukasRose Quartet.

  Wix Music And LukasRose


South by Southwest Music Festival

Congrats! Your Music Video Will Play in Austin
March 4th, 2016 Tom Lukas
Our Festival ( Return of the Archons) Video was chosen by Wix to be played in Austin.


Wix is continuing their promotional efforts for Wix Music and will be playing our (along with many other artist's) video at the Music Festival in Austin, Texas called South by Southwest.   


November 1, 2015

Pause and Play  

E-zine selects

 "Without Fanfare" 

Congratulations! Your submission to Album Release Listing on (October-November 2015 Selections) has been selected.


LukasRose (Americana duo from Port Orchard, Wash.)“Without Fanfare” (five-song EP; Hear here)(Big Timber Music, Oct. 31)


 Have a great holiday!



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  Wix Music Opening Act

Rocket Boy Video is chosen for Wix Opening Act

October 28, 2015 Tom Lukas


Wix is kicking off their new app called Wix Music.  I submitted our Rocket Boy Vid and it was chosen to be played as part of the marketing kick-off.   

For one week, starting Nov 4th, Wix Music users will take over the world’s biggest stage              - We'll generate over 100 million views for our users' music videos.


100 million...uhhhh yeah...that would work.

House Concerts with LukasRose

July 21, 2015 Tom Lukas


LukasRose recently did a House Concert in Indianola.  The atmosphere and audience were terrific.  We were so impressed that we did some investigating and found that this form of playing for an audience is not new but has a long history going back into the 1800's.  We were inspired to write the LukasRose House Concert Guide which can be found here.  Rose and I would like to thank Matthew Moran, Shannon Curtis and CIYH for making their guides available for reference.

Upcoming Video Series

April 14, 2015 Tom Lukas


I am working on a video series that I will be calling "Music Theory for Guitarists that Play by Ear".  In the last few years of working with my keyboard player, Rose, I have had to learn how to communicate my ideas in a bit more professional manner than in the past with other guitar players who more or less knew or saw what I was doing.  In doing so, I have learned a bit about writing music as well.