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What is a House Concert?

A House Concert is private, invitation only, musical event which takes place in your home (but can be held elsewhere).  

You, the host, coordinate with LukasRose to come to your home and play a private concert for you and your friends. 

A House Concert is also an opportunity to experience original and cover music in an atmosphere other then a bar or large crowded arena.


The Typical House Concert  (An Overview)

Most of our house concerts usually:

  • are held indoors and on weekends (Saturday evenings are optimal)

  • take place in the evening between 7pm and 9 pm.

  • are attended by 20-50 people (Larger audiences may attend in community centers or clubhouse venues)

  • are paid for by a $10-20 donation per guest (to the performer)

  • include light snacks, beverages contributed by the host and/or guests

  • are attended by the host’s friends, neighbors, co-workers, and perhaps a few fans of the artists

  • are attended by adults (while our music is not risque in any way, it does have adult themes)

  • are performed with a small sound system (provided by LukasRose)

  • are very intimate — the audience is close and attentive

  • are performed in two sets with an intermission



The Music

LukasRose performs as a duo playing both acoustic and electric material at a comfortable volume using our state of the art Bose sound system.  Whether it's the music of Tom Petty, the Roots Rock & Roll of Buddy Holly, the Rockabilly of Carl Perkins or Ry Cooder, Singer-Songwriter style of John Hiatt or the Folk music of Woody Guthrie or Gillian Welch, LukasRose delivers a strong performance inside the powerful and eclectic music genre called Americana. (and if you like Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith or Collin Raye, we got that too.)  We strive to make our original material thought provoking and entertaining. We are fans of- and enjoy performing music- that tells a story.


How much room will I need? 

As the title says, a house concert is a concert that takes place in someone’s home, but there are other possible venues to consider. If you live in a condo or belong to a golfing or boating club, you may have access to a clubhouse or community center.

The “house” simply needs to be a place that you and your friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers can sit and enjoy a concert.

If you are planning an outdoor event, you will need to have a backup space available indoors in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Even in good weather, an outdoor performance space needs to be flat, covered from the sun, and have easy access to appropriate electrical outlets.

Inside a home, a living room or great room is often the best choice. A large playroom or basement game room are possibilities as well. The host may need to re-arrange some furniture and supply enough seating. You’ll most likely use every chair and stool in the house. If seating is an issue, ask your guests to each bring a stool or lawn chair.

Figure out how many guests you can comfortably fit in the proposed space. Clear the middle of the room (coffee table, etc.) and move the couches to the side or against a wall if possible. Then, start arranging some of your available chairs to get an idea of the number of people your space could hold. Once you’ve set up a few rows, it’s easy to imagine how the rest of it would fall into place. Remember to allow at least a 6 ft  x 9 ft area for the performers.  (click to see stage plot drawing)
Don’t feel obligated to overdo it — just make the room comfortable and accessible. Face all seating toward the performers and remember to create a center aisle.




Who should I invite?

Our concert performance is geared toward an adult audience.  Our lyrics are not obscene but some lyrics may have themes not appropriate for children.  To minimize distractions for performers and guests alike, we suggest that very young children be cared for in another room but we leave that detail to your judgement.

In terms of the number of guests, we suggest you invite about twice as many guests as your room can fit. Ask all guests to RSVP so that you will have a good idea of the size of the audience. A more casual approach can be a disaster for planning when too few -or too many- attend. We ask that you have a minimum of 20 to 30 adult guests. This provides us with enough people to optimize the concert experience for the audience and make the evening financially viable for us through donations and merchandise sales. 


What will it cost?

As the host, it is up to you to invite guests and collect donations. We suggest $10 to $15 per person, and we need you to guarantee us a $200 minimum.


House Concerts are one of the ways, we, as musicians, earn our living.  As professional performers, we want you to enjoy the music and the atmosphere that we provide at a reasonably low cost.  Most often, guest donations meet or exceed the minimum and for a night out the price of $10 or $15 is less then you would spend at the movies or at a local club.



A Word about Donations

We understand that you might feel uncomfortable asking your guests for money, especially if this is your first time hosting a House Concert. That is why we have you include that information right up front in the invitation.

We will supply a jar and a sign for collecting donations.

The sign will read:                                                        

 SUGGESTED DONATION $10-15 per person

(more if you can, less if you can’t)



When you introduce us at the beginning of the concert, it would be appropriate to remind guests that donations are how we support our art. If you’d prefer, we can include that in our own comments when we offer our CDs and other merchandise for sale between the two sets.

It has been our experience that an enthusiastic host can really make a difference in the donation amounts! 



Sample Concert Schedule 

Prior to 5:30 pm: Hosts prepare the concert room

5:30 pm: We will arrive to set up our equipment and do a sound check.

6:30 pm: Guests begin to arrive. (Snacks and beverages provided by host and/or guests may be

7:00 pm: Host invites guests to find their seats, and makes a brief introduction to introduce the
performers (we will coach you on what to say) LukasRose performs their first set.

7:30 pm: We will take a short intermission to mingle with the guests and promote our CDs and other

7:55 pm: Host invites guests to return to their seats

8:00 pm: LukasRose performs their second set

8:30 pm: After our last number, the host returns to the stage area to thank everyone for their
attendance and donations, as we will as well. 



Sample Invitation

Once we have settled on a date and time, the initial invitation to your guests should go out about 4 weeks ahead of the planned date. You can use an internet invitation service such as E-vite or PunchBowl, email, and/or social media. If you like, we will promote the house concert on our end through our website and social media and keep you informed as guests RSVP.

We will also provide you with a sample invitation that you can use. (Download)  or   (View)  Sample Invitation
The language will include the information that this is a donation-based concert, and guests should be prepared to make a donation to the artists.  A donation amount or range can be suggested, or you can allow guests to contribute what they wish.

Ask all guests to RSVP so that you will have a good idea of the size of the audience. A more casual approach can be a disaster for planning when too few -or too many- attend. 



Frequently Asked Questions  

Please help us build our FAQ.  

Ask any question you might have about planning or having your own House Concert.


How loud will the music be?

We are happy to make adjustments and want to make sure that everyone hears us but is also comfortable with the volume.  We do an initial sound check but can make changes as required.

A Note About our Sound System

We use what some say is the best sound system on the market today.  The Bose system is rathar unique in that there are no monitors. This means that you hear what the band hears.  This helps us set the volumes just loud enough to fill the room.


How far in advance should I book a House Concert?

At least 4 to 6 weeks before the Concert date.  This will give you enough time to plan your guest list, send out invitations and receive the responses.

Interested in Hosting a House Concert?


Contact Tom Lukas  

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